Ebony 4 D-19
Ebony 4 D-19
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    I have heard the argument that it is necessary to leave some of our children behind and that our current education system is outdated and archaic. I completely disagree! This is not a solution! This is the problem! The reason why it appears that way is due to the lack of funding. As some would say “bleed the system”.  I want to be a voice for every child in District 19! Our schools are being closed down, children of all ages are being forced to share buildings, discipline is being handed out unfairly, and funding is under attack on a daily basis. As a result our children are being sent out ill-prepared. Every child in our district has value and deserves an education! 

    The Economy


    I have plans for an economy that works for everyone! I will be stern from beginning to end with employers about hiring from within the community. They will be held to negotiations that require reporting and follow up to increase accountability and transparency. The promises without results will end as I am working for only voters!

    Allegheny County has some of the highest taxes anywhere, and the burden should not be carried by us. I will work with others on both sides of the aisle to compromise on a severance tax that must benefit both the natural gas companies and Pennsylvanians.  I will continue the fight to make sure everyone pays their fair share, and can make an even bigger impact through tax policy. I will take a stand on reforming the state's archaic pensions that crush the budget. We will no longer be working from a deficit!




    My neighborhood is one of the safest, cleanest, and most diverse in the city. It didn’t come without hard work.  We have modeled that a group of committed citizens can accomplish much when you work together.  I want to share our ideas with rest of our district. For example blight often brings crime, and organizing and participating in clean ups brings pride. I’ll plan for these to take place in every neighborhood in District 19 and be willing to get my hands dirty when I show up. I’ll encourage everyone to participate! Even our youth are marching to save their own lives! Our neighborhoods need more involvement! We will be stronger together!


                                                                 WE ARE D19!


    Health Care


    I’ll continue to help make health insurance more affordable and progress towards health care for all. While making sure we keep in place the patient protections such as maximum out of pocket limits and behavioral health benefits. We can’t afford to lose coverage that is being used to address mental health and addiction during an epidemic.

    Taking care of ourselves should not be a financial burden. Our seniors should not fear receiving preventative care due to skyrocketing medical costs. 


    Social Justice


    I have supported and will persist in bringing awareness to the unnecessary school suspension issue. I’ll continue to serve on the board of a non-profit for grassroots outreach within the community, and collaborate with pioneers on Pennsylvania legalization awareness. The legalization and decriminalization of cannabis is likely to have a profound effect towards ending mass incarceration.


    WE ARE D19!

    I believe in D19!

    I have a vision for our district! We are a city of champions! I know you can do it! I want you to believe in me the way I believe in you!

                                       WE ARE D19!